Cardigan pattern confusion

Hi everyone. I’m currently trying to knit a hooded cardigan (Knitcraft) for my baby. As you can see I’ve done not too bad so far, but I’m stuck on the left back shoulder shaping. I’ve got as far as casting off 13 stitches.
The bit I’m confused about is how much more to knit to shape before casting off.
If you can see the picture, the needle is in the bit for left back shoulder, with right front on the stitch holder.
I hope to finish it soon as I’m knitting following the 9-12 months size and she’ll be one next month!
Thanks in Advance.

Welcome to the forum!
That’s going to be a lovely baby cardigan.
The back should be the same length as the left front which is 29cm for your size.
There’s a problem however but it’s easy to fix. The neck shaping is on the wrong side of the left front (blue arrow) and the left back (red arrow) shoulder.

It may help to put a safety pin or marker on the right side (RS) vs the WS of the cardigan. In the photo the RS rows are facing us. The left front neck shaping should begin on a WS row which would put it at the tip of the blue arrow. The left back cast off should be at the beginning of a RS row, near the center cast off.

It’s not so many rows to take out to put this right and well worth the effort.

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Thank you so much for that. I didn’t think it looked right but I couldn’t work out how to correct it. So should I undo the rows that have been cast off, knit that row then cast off the next row?

Yes, the easiest way to undo the back is to “tink” back one stitch at a time. The sts don’t need to be on a needle. You can slowly pull out the yarn strand while inserting a needle into the stitch. Even doing this for 2 rows over so few sts is easy enough.

The same goes for the front.

I had to unravel and start again with a larger size. I’m now at the stage of splitting the back and right front onto stitch holders, but now I’m confused as to which is the right front to place onto stitch holders.

so in the picture the left side facing should be the RS row as I ended on the WS row.

If you ended on a WS row then turned, the RS is facing and the right front is at the tip of the needle. (That’s the right front as you would wear the sweater.)

From what I can see of the directions, you’re to knit across this row maybe casting off sts at the underarms. When you’ve done that you’ll turn to the WS and the left side will be at the tip of the needle. Start knitting the left front up to the gap, place the back and right front on holders. The only piece remaining on the needle will be the left front.

Your stitches are a bit crowded on the straight needles. This is where circular needles help deal with the large number of sts even when knitting flat. It’ll be easier from now on because you’ll split for fronts and back.

Looks good!

Thanks! I’ve managed to cast off the left front and it looks better than my first attempt having worked with the correct row. Now just to concentrate on the back and it will come together nicely!

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Have I gone wrong again? I’m following the instructions for the right back shoulder, but it looks like I’ve cast off the wrong side? I’m ready to cast off so I hope to correct it before I do

So many patterns knit all in one piece now

The two back shoulders should be the same width and they should match the front shoulders. The front and back shoulders will be seamed together. There a little extra jog in the back that perhaps should be part of the back shoulder. If you take the shoulder out to that jog and use the sts as part of the shoulder, the two back shoulders will be close to the same width.

You did a great job at fixing the front shaping. There’s a little jog at the armhole but that can probably become part of the sleeve seam. There’s enough stretch in the knitting that the front and back shoulders can be matched to seam.

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