Cardigan patter DK420 Cascade Yarns

I am confused about how to continue the Moss stitch, I have started over several times things go along just fine then all of a sudden the Moss Stitch is goofy,Please help anyone

The pattern gives the 4 row Moss stitch that should be used either over an even or an odd number of sts. (The definition of moss differs depending on the designer.) Initially the pattern is over an even number of sts.

It may be that you’re missing a row or have added an extra row. It’s easy to do that but it throws off the pattern. It may help to use a row counter and definitely put in lifelines as you go along just in case.

You can post a photo if you think it might help. Use the landscape icon in the center of the Reply box.

Thanks much it is very possible that I have lost track …of rows oe stitches, trying to be very cognizant of both now … any hints on how to keep track of rows I have a counter but that is easy to forget as well😂

I put a stitch marker at the beginning of the RS row and then move or click the counter every 2 rows (whenever I start a RS row). It sounds silly but somehow I remember to change the counter.
Really the best way is to look at or read your knitting. Check the previous row or two and see if you can spot the 2 purls or 2 knits one above the other. That can help orient you to the next row to work.
Good luck with it! It’s a very pretty cardi.