Cardigan measurements

So my question is how much bigger should the finished measurements for the cardigan be compared to actual chest measurements? Does it change depending on age?

Depends on how you want the cardigan/garment to fit.

A loose fitting garment has “positive ease” and would be 1-2inches larger.

A figure fitting garment would be equal.

A tight fitting garment has “negative ease” and would be 1-2inches smaller, requiring the fabric to stretch to fit around the wearer.

so would anything more than 2 inches be way too big?

That depends. I have a sweater that is big and loose on purpose and I love it. I have another I made by the same pattern that isn’t as big and loose, I wear it for different reasons, and I love it too.

Here’s a link that might help you out.

Some sweaters need to be roomy, some don’t. Plus, it’s kind of personal choice. I don’t want mine too tight since as a cardigan it’ll be worn over something else. I also don’t want to wear one as bit as a robe.

Well I am making it for my cousin who is turning 7 in about a month. She wears size 7/8 clothes. And when I was measuring her chest today it was 24’’. The pattern says for size 5 the chest is 26.5 (2.5’’) bigger and that size 8 (the one I’m planning on making) is 5.5’’ bigger. And I was wondering if that would be way too big.

Kids grow pretty fast, but more up than around, though you want more ease in their clothes than a grown woman might. Since it’s a cardigan it should be okay at the larger size because she’ll wear it over other clothes.

I agree with suzeeq. If there is one thing you can be sure kids will do, it’s grow. Another tip I got on these forums is to measure a garment that fits as desired (such as another sweater or a sweatshirt) and use that measurement in determining the size you should make. I’d pick a garment that would fit the torso about the same as the sweater in the pattern. Its a darling sweater, bet it’s for a darling girl.:balloons: