Cardigan madness

Every summer I knit a bunch of baby sweaters for potential gifting. Here is the crop or this year.

Aww how cute they are! Hope there are lots of baby girls this year for you!

They are all very cute!

Adorable cardis!


They are all so adorable. What a great idea so you always have something hand knit on hand and when you are in a baby mood make them and then have them. So you’ve proven you are both smart and crafty. LOL

I really like the little bears in the first picture, but the cardi with the ribbon is my favorite. How nice to have that all done when someone has a child, and you want to gift them.

Holy Cow! What an adorable bunch of cardigans!!! BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is the little girl’s pastel cardigan with the pink bow! Drool!

Oooh, the one with the bears, I love! I go a little nuts for aqua and beige or taupe colors together. You are so smart. What a beautiful present to give someone.:cheering:

Very cute!!!:muah:

Wow, those are really cute. :thumbsup:

They are all lovely. It’s very hard to say which is my fav because they are all so cute, but I’d have to agree the one with the bow is really adorable!

I really like the cardi with the flower and the one above it!!! clapping Way to go! Those all look REALLY nice. :slight_smile:

Wow!!! You’ve really been busy! They all look beautiful!

Holy cow…you did all those THIS summer?! Wow…that’s amazing - they are beautiful! :muah:

They are all very pretty. The cardi with the cars is my favorite one.

cute, cute, cute! What a good idea to knit ahead, then you don’t have the stress to get it done on time! :cheering:

aww they are all so cute and what a great idea! :happydance:

Mercy!!! What wonderful cardigans!!! And what a smarty you are…such perfect work, too!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: