Cardigan left side short row, right different

I hope some one can help. Pattern states left side front knitted in short rows, right side not. I presumed this was shaping. So I trusted the process, knitted the collar, picking up stitches across all 3 sides.
I’ve ended up with a wonky collar. See pic
Should I redo left same as right side so same?

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What is the name of your pattern and designer?
Yes, the left side is definitely shorter than the right. Usually short rows are worked across the back, perhaps extending into the left and right fronts. The purpose is to raise the back neck and make a more comfortable fit…
Do the directions say anything about working the right front similar to the left but reversing the shaping?

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Screenshot_20240513_225628_BorrowBox Library

Screenshot_20240513_225736_BorrowBox Library

Then with 3 pieces, back and 2 sides, begin collar by picking up stitches across all 3

What it’s supposed to look like

Where in your pattern does it say to work the left with short rows and not the right? I can’t see a difference in the pattern between right and left instructions but perhaps I am just missing it?

Is it possible you worked the left front too high? It says to stop when 10 rows shorter than the back. I cannot properly count your rows as its a but out of focus on the stitches but in try to count it does look like there could be an extra 10 rows on the left front body, that can be making the left collar so high up.

The right front looks correct. You might take out the left front until it is about the height of right front at the beginning of the right front Shape Front neck [the cast off of 3sts at the beginning of the RS row, moss stitch 4(5: 6: 7)sts] directions.
Then go to the directions for the left front, Shape Front neck and complete the left front neck shaping. Both left and right front have you leave sts on hold for the front neck and bands although only the left front specifically uses a turn.