Cardigan left front.


Hi everyone! I need help I’m knitting my first cardigan and I’m unsure whats its asking me to do it says k2 (1:2:1 ) I’m doing 2. * yfwd,k2tog rep from* to end. Want to know am i knitting 2 stitches then yfwd then k2tog and am i doing 2 rows like this.



What is the name and designer of the pattern?
Are you making the second size?


H,i it’s a Ukhka patten , by uk hand knitting association. Yes I’m making second size.



k1 * yfwd,k2tog rep from* to end.
Knit one then start the repeat, yfwd, k2tog, yfwd, k2tog, yfwd, k2tog… to the end of the row.
Usually the next row would be a plain row of either all knits or all purls.
What does your pattern say next?


Next row purl.

Thank you Anita