Cardigan in the round

I have been working the neckline and armhole shaping with two balls of yarn at the same time. Now that is complete and the directions state move the stitches around on your needles so that you’re working the right front section . On the picture, you can see that I have marked the right front section. I do not see how I can move the stitches around and still be working on the right side and connect up with the back . ( I have marked what would be the right front while wearing the sweater) . Help! So confused!! Thanks in advance…

Here is another pic of the work spread out ( there are stitches on a marker at the top that are being held for a hood )

This is the area of the pattern I am working

Could it be a case of leaving the stitches for the left front on a spare needle to be picked up later?

Which pattern are you making? Can you give us a name or a link to it, please?

it seems to be top down and it looks like you’re at the underarms, ready to join the right front to the back and then the left front. The directions only make sense to me if you work across the left front on a RS row, then the back and finally the right front.

So you would attach a new end of yarn and work across from the left front neck edge to the left armhole, knit across the back sts then knit across the right front.

That was what I was thinking, but I’m not sure what they mean by rearranging the stitches? The pattern is walk by the seaside from the knitpicks take it easy and it’s for relaxing booklet. Am I right in considering the right front of the cardigan my right as I wear it?

Yes, the right front is your right as you wear it. The other way it would work of course is to start on the WS with the right front but the directions clearly call the next row the WS and it’s a purl row. So the simplest solution is that there’s a single mistake and it’s in asking you to start on the right front instead of the left.
At any rate, it seems to me that once you get to this point the knitting is going to be less complex. No armhole shaping, perhaps just neck and some body shaping. So it won’t make so much difference if you start off on the left front.
I would rearrange the sts so that you knit the left front and then move the back sts up next to the left front, knit across them and then move the right front up to join the back. Does that seem workable to you?

Pretty cardigan!

ETA: This knitter has listed some possible errors that may help:

Yes - that does seem the most workable. Do you think I need to reverse the shaping directions? It calls for a M1R to start (more neck shaping) That means the increase will tilt to the right? If so, that may be the correct increase to use if I start on the left and move around. Thanks for the post on the errata - egads, I picked a bad first cardigan!!

Well, an exciting first cardi, for sure.
I’d look at the slant and see if it goes in the direction that you want. I sometimes change the M1 to suit my project.
Enjoy finishing up and post a photo when you finish.