Cardigan Button/Buttonhole Bands


I am a fairly experienced knitter but have mostly knitted jumpers in the past. I would like to know if, when I am knitting a cardigan, can I increase the number of stitches so the button/buttonhole band is part of the front, and would this work with decreases on a v-neck cardigan? I ask because I hate sewing on the button/buttonhole band and cannot seem to get the “stretching it slightly” bit right which means it ends up too tight and the fronts rise up. Any help appreciated - thank you.

Hi, I’m the same as you regarding sewing on button bands, I hate it! I’ve often altered cardigan fronts to include the band’s stitches into the stitch count for the fronts but will add here that some styles of neckline are easier to adjust than others!! With a v neck, as long as you work the band sts before doing the neck decreases you should be fine but you have to consider the back collar section beforehand. When the collar is the same width as the band you can keep the band sts ’ live’ on a safety pin or holder to continue with later or knit those band sts only an extra 3"or so or the size necessary to join at the back of the neck and then seam them to the back neck section ( if your pattern tells you to leave the back neck sts live you will have to cast off those sts first!)
Lots to consider but worth the effort,for me anyway lol :grin:

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Thank you @notknittingknots, that is really helpful. I will try on the next cardigan I make, as the one I am knitting at present has the button/buttonhole bands incorporated in the front (apart from the fact it is beautiful, it was one of the readons I decided on it :wink:). I will keep in mind your advice about the back collar stitches.

All the best x