Cardigan Bands

Hello fellow knitters!


Several hours of me and my mum arguing over button bands and I’m still here on the living room floor at 1am surrounded by a ton of books and patterns trying to find some guidance!

Basically, I’ve knitted the back to a basic long style fairisle cardigan(total 120sts). Now for the front button band would you either:

  • half each side and decrease stitches evenly between the two to then create the button band picked up afterwards


  • still work a total of 120sts, 60 on each half and create an additional button band?

My main confuzling is around the amount of sts on the front vs the back. If I was to choose the first option wouldnt the front therefore be more ‘tighter’ than the back?
But if I was to add a button band, wouldn’t the front be too loose compared to the back?!

Or am I completely wrong over all…?! :oo:

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The first option will give you the closest match of fronts and back. Figure out how wide a buttonband you want and then use your stitch gauge to convert that into a number of sts. Decrease each front by half that number of sts. So instead of 60sts each front, maybe you’ll have 57sts each front. Yes, the fronts will be skinnier than the back but when you put the buttonband and overlapping buttonhole band on, the back and fronts will be close to the same. This doesn’t have to be very precise, by the way, just close.