Cardigan armhole and shoulder shaping


Ok. I’m confused and I don’t want to mess this up. I’ve gotten this far without messing it up. I can’t believe I’ve come this far without messing up a single stitch.

The instructions from the pattern are this:

Shape Armholes: Bind off 3(4-5-5-6) sts at beg of the next 2 rows – 93(103-109-117-127) sts. Dec 1 st each
side every RS row 2(3-4-5-8) times – 89(97-101-107-111) sts. Work even until armholes measure 9(9 1/2-10-10
1/2-11)”, end on WS.

I’ve knitted the back for the necessary length (I’m making an XL one, so the last option in the instructions) and I’ve to shape the arhmoles as above. It said “end on WS” so I’ve ended by finishing a wrong side.

So now I’ll need to bind off 6 stitches at the start of the next two rows (bind them off like I was completing the project, but just 6 stitches)… What I understand from this is that it’ll be 6 stitches of the next row I’m doing, complete that row (a right side row), then … bind off six stitches on the next row (a wrong side row)? Won’t the arm holes on each side be one row off? Shouldn’t it be symmetrical and done on the same row? Or am I reading it correctly?

Then it’s decrease one stitch each right side row (here it’s symmetrical, unlike the binding off above) for 8 rows. I read this as the first/last of each right side row I’ll take the first two stitches and knit them together. Correct?

Lastly, the shoulders:

Shape Shoulders: Bind off 6(8-8-9-11) sts at beg of the next 2 rows, then 7(8-9-10-10) sts at beg of the next 4
rows. Bind off remaining 49 sts for back neck.

Again the binding off isn’t symmetrical… one will be on a right side (as I’ll end the armhole on WS) and the second on wrong side… is that correct in terms of common practice?

Thank you to anyone who’s read this long post full of questions. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Here’s a link to the whole (free) pattern:

Yes, bind off at the beginning of the next two rows. One row more or less will never be noticed. This method of binding off is standard.

When you do your decreases, do them one stitch in from the edge. At the beginning of a row that would be work 1 stitch (K or p) then work your decrease; work to the last 3 stitches, work your decrease, then work the last stitch. Moving your decreases in 1 stitch will give you a nicer edge and be easier to seam. HTH

Thanks for including the link. It’s a really nice sweater. It sounds like you’re doing very well. :thumbsup:

Thank you!