Car Seat Blanket

I am trying to find a knit pattern for a car seat blanket for a bay that has a hole in the middle to put the strap through. Can anyone help?

Here’s a pattern for a car seat blanket which will also give you an idea of dimensions. I would think that you could easily put a slot into it by casting off in the middle of one row and casting on sts on the next row (like a wide buttonhole). You could modify any blanket pattern that you like in this way as well.

Thanks for the help–this pattern is for a friend who is new to knitting so a pattern with the actual slot already worked into the pattern would be a little more helpful to her; HOWEVER, I do sincerely thank you for your help.

I never got around to trying this one…but, I still had the link. The picture doesn’t show up; but, it is designed for a baby’s carseat with a hole for the belt… if you make it, please share;)

I tried that link, Pam, but it wouldn’t go through. Do you have a different one? I’d like to make one for a friend’s new baby!!

Thanks, knitcindy

I tried that link, too and it wouldn’t go through.
Thanks. ReikiMaster

I actually got to the site by clicking the “Impatient?” button (do they have me figured out) on the lower right of the first screen.

It’s an “archieved” page; I tried it again and it does take a few extra seconds to load.:?? but, thepicture still didn’t load:wall: I remembered later that I first got the link from Ravelry. If you “do” Ravelry try this…

There is a nice pattern for cat seat blankie with instructions for opening in the blankie for straps in the current Mary Maxim catalog, page 17.