Caps to the Capitol

My mom and I (mom is featured in my post "hat with backstory) found out back in November of 06 about the save the children “caps to the capitol” campaign that would end by Jan 2 of 07. So we had a little “cap off.” When all was said and done, we tied at 20 caps each. My hats start 4 columns from the right with the yellow hat in the middle. Mom’s are to the left, and the rest were contributions from other knitters from were she lives.These were some of the most gratifying (read quick and easy) things I’ve yet to knit.


Very nice! What a great reason to knit. :cheering:

Those look great! I sent them 15! :cheering:


Wonderful job & such a great cause!

Those are wonderful! It’s inspiring me to knit for a cause.