Caprese Tank

if you dec rows to 2 from 8 sts and a square is dark to represent no stitches does that mean the no sts become part of the knit (say at the beginning you knit 17sts, then you dec in the pattern does that mean the knits increase)? so like one row 17 next row 19 etc hope this makes sense to someone

nm i figured it out lol

Think of the dark, no stitch square as the stitch that you decreased when you k2tog. It’s no longer a loop on the needle.

thank you yes i got that now. ran into a whole new problem. lol
on row 2 of left dec lace is a problem. you start with 8 stitches and that only. if you read row 2 you have p2, k2tog, yo, k1, k2tog, p2 now if you count up the stitches it comes to 10 stitches not 8 and i also thought left and right side should mirror each other but they dont they have a bunch of rows that are different from each other. anyways, one of the k2tog should come out and not be there to make it equal.

Or do you take out the k1 so that there are decreases on each side of the yo? You have that pattern in context so you’ll see what’s best to do.
Looking at the number of sts required for the next row will also give you some clues.

I don’t see any corrections for this pattern yet on the Creative Knitting site.

the whole pattern for left dec lace and right dec lace doesnt even mirror each other it is a mess. the symbols arent the same one side has 2 k2tog while the other side doesnt. it is totally confusing. i already messaged the designer. no offence to her but it looks like someone was drunk when they made the graph.4

That’s so irritating. I wonder if the pattern was ever test knit.
Maybe not so surprising that there aren’t any projects on Ravelry.

if i could show the graph you would understand what i am talking about.