Cape pointe help finishing

I don’t understand the last bit of instructions
I’ll post all of the instructions and highlite what I don’t get
four colors total
with A cast on 6 sts.
Begin stripe pattern and shaping: row 1
(rs) K6
Row2: slip 1 (sl 1), knit into front and back of next stitch (kf&b), k4-7 sts.
Row3: sl 1 kf&b, k5-8sts.
Row4: sl 1, kf&b, k1 [kf&b] twice, k3-11 sts.
Row5: sl 1, kf&b, k9-12 sts.
Row6: sl 1, kf&b, k3, [kf&b] twice, k5-15
Row7: With B, sl 1, kf&b, k13-16 sts
Row8: sl1, kf&b, k5, kf&b, place marker, kf&b, k7-19sts
Row9: sl1, kf&b, knit to the end
Row10:sl1, kf&b, knit to 1 st before marker, kf&b, slip marker, kf&b, knit to end. Repeat rows 9 and 10 for shaping, and continue in stripe pattern as established until 56 rows of stripe pattern have been worked 3 times, then work first 19 rows once more (187 rows total)-376 sts. Bind off.

Do I just knit 19 more rows of the stripe pattern, or do I actually rework the first 19 rows and if it’s the latter of the 2 questions should I switch the increases to decreases?

If I were doing this pattern, my take would be to work the first 19 rows as written. I wouldn’t change increases to decreases unless the directions said to, and I think that reversing shaping is such a major thing that they would be specific.

If you wanted to be absolutely sure, you could figure out the math involved to get to 376 stitches.