Cap shaping

working on sleeve in twister pattern.

length finished now working on cap shaping see pattern instructions below:

Cap shaping: continuing in pat, bind off sts in pat at beginning of each row as follows:
bind off 4 sts at each side 3 times,
bind off 3 sts at each side 2 (2, 2, 3, 3, 3) times;
bind off 1 (1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2) sts at each side once;
bind off 3 sts at each side once;
bind off 4 sts at each side once;
bind off all remaining sts.

question? do i bind off 4 stitches at both the beginning and end of the same row? i tried this and the yarn is left in the wrong position to turn and continue knitting the remaining rows

The instructions you provided say to bind off at the beginning of each row, so I assume you will be binding off on right side and wrong side rows. This will provide the decreasing on each side of the piece.
For instance, when you bind off x number of stitches on each side three times, it would mean binding off that number of stitches for the ensuing six rows.
Hope I could help.

What do you mean by the “[color=red]wrong position to turn[/color] …”?

If you bo 4 sts @ beginning at the beginning of the row, continue in pattern toward end of row, then bo the last 4 sts of the same row… the yarn has no choice but to be lined up for the next row. :? You would turn your work as you would to knit the next row as normal,. except you’d continue the decrease pattern.

Are you using circular needles by chance??

If she binds off four stitches at the end of the row, she will have that last stitch on the needle with a big gap coming first if she tries to do that and then turn to do the next row. If you picture what I mean, you’ll see that the working yarn cannot possibly just continue going–it would have to jump that big gap where the stitches were bound off at the end of the previous row.