Cap pattern?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a cap pattern. What I mean isn’t a knit hat, but a knit cap, with that piece of material sticking out of it, which protects the face. You see, I’m in the middle of an acne-treatment-procedure, and I need something to protect my face with. I’ve used my regular caps, but I’ve decided to knit one myself.

So if you know any patterns for one, or could give me instructions on the creation of the “piece of material sticking out that covers your face”, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean… something like this?

Is this what you’re looking for (pattern for baseball cap)?


I thought of this style of hat first

though I think a base ball hat would have a larger ‘bill.’

Thanks, everyone!
I’ll knit the Morgan - Fall 2008. It’s just more stylish than the baseball cap, and Knitty instructions are just SO clear and direct. The Balaclava looks EXTREMELY interesting… I’ll probably end knitting that instead of Morgan XD.