Cap from knitting digest

I’m working on a cap to match my sweater that I made from same KDM , vol.19,No.5, page 30.Anyway I was moving pritty good working on the cased on 75 sts, till the numbers started to Not line up. Need help before it drives me nuts :slight_smile:
I’m on shape top and first row:K6 ,*sl1,K2tog,psso,K12,rep from *,end K9. worked great numbers lined up then I purled next row as given then on 3rd row numbers not lining up. 3rd row reads…K5,*sl1,K2tog,psso,K10,rep from *,end K8. and then it goes along as pattern decreasing 1 at begining and end Knit , and by 2 on the Knit following the psso. So if this sounds like something you can help with I would love to hear from you as I have tryed everything and just don’t get it.

Check to make sure you passed the slipped sts over the k2tog sts. If you forgot one or 2 that’ll throw off the pattern; the dbl decs should stack up over each other.

I di and there is still 2 extra stiches i’m starting to wonder if it was a mistake in the pattern wrighter

You begin with 75 sts, then on the first dec row - K6 ,*sl1, K2tog, psso, K12, rep from * (this is 15 sts, repeat 4 times) end K9. The 6 and 9 are also 15 sts, so with the 15x4 that uses up all 75 and leaves you with 67 sts.

Next dec row - K5, *sl1, K2tog, psso, K10, rep from *(13 sts 4 times) , end K8. But 13x4 = 52 plus 13 uses 65, which ain’t 67. So there’s your 2 sts. I think if you just keep following the pattern so the sl, k2tog, psso are stacked over each other, it should work out. You may have to count them out to make them lined up, but maybe that’s just an error in that row only.

Did you check for corrections to the pattern? They can often be found online. If you explain what ‘KDM’ is maybe we can find it on ravelry and see if others ran into the same problem

ya thats what is happening waht do i do with the 2 sts that dont work in the pattern that = 65 instead of 67

Uhhh, just knit them and see if the next dec row works out…?

ok I have done that part of the cap now it is telling me to
Beg.21sts from seam, pick up and K43sts over 3/5 of cap. work back and forth fot 10 rows ending with a RS row. I’m having so much trouble understanding this pattern, but it was so cute I couldn’t not do it :slight_smile:

This cap must have a flap at the back? The picture should make that clear.
Join the edges of the cap you’ve knit together and seam down the back. The directions want you to pick up sts along the cast on edge on either side of the seam. Then you’ll knit these 43sts back and forth for 10 rows. If you need help to pick up sts, there’s a video under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, under Tips.

It sounds like there may be a brim on it… After you’ve seamed it, and with the RS facing you, count over 21 sts from the seam and pick up 43 sts. Work on these sts for 10 rows and when you’ve finished a RS row, go on to the next instruction.

Yes the cap does have a brim and ear flaps also . does it sound like there is going to be a gap in the back near the seam,if im going 21 stitches from it before picking up sts

Probably will. Take a look at the picture, see if that helps.

For the flap at the back, you go 21 from the seam, start there and pick up 21 sts heading back toward the seam and then past the seam for 21 more sts. If you pick up about one st in each cast on, that’s 42sts. Pick up one more at the seam and there’s your 43sts picked up. There’s no gap at the back near the seam. There must be separate directions later for the brim.

Oh, so it’s at the back, thought the new sts were around the front. Did you find a picture?

I think it would help to have a picture. What is this pattern called?

ignore that last question as I have figured it out .just took me a few hours lol but now I am over joyed as I am going to be able to pull it off .Thanks to all of you for you great fast answers. thank you all