Canvas stretching?

i had a portrait done through Everley Originals and foolishly didn’t opt for the stretching/framing service… I really can’t afford a custom frame job (even with Joann coupons, still like $200.) Since it is a standard sized canvas (18 x 24,) I have seen frames in my price range, but I am told the canvas needs to be “stretched” which I believe means like wrapped around a board of some kind and stapled to it prior to framing… is this something one can do themselves and if so, any resources?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You might beable to “google” on how to stretch the canvas. I oil paint, I know how to frame but never have stretch the canvas. But have a good idea of how it is done. Don’t know how easy it would be to do AFTER. (with the picture on the canvas) to make sure you get it in the center.

Good luck.

My husband is an artist and I just asked him. He said to go to a store that sells art supplies (Aaron Bros., Michaels, etc) and get some appropriately size stretcher bars. They go together with wooden wedges and he says it’s easy. Once you get it together you can stretch the canvas around it and staple it to the back. He says to work from the middle out… like staple one side in the middle, then the other, then another side and the last one. Then continue around the edges.

If you have any more questions just ask.

thank you both! i forgot i posted this question!

i actually found an online supply shop that sells the stretcher bars and canvas pliers for super cheap and also found a tutorial, which jan’s post put into perfect perspective!

thanks again!!! :slight_smile: