Can't Work This Out!!!

I want to knit this baby blanket:

Anyway, I can’t get my blanket to look like the one in the picture. I know it’s a feather and fan type pattern with garter stitch. Heres what the instructions say.

7th row: K5. *(K2tog) twice. (yo. K1) 3 times. yo. (ssk) twice. K1. Rep from

  • to last 4 sts. K4

So I have been doing this:
K 5,* k2 tog, k2 tog, yo k1, yo k1, yo k1, yo, ssk, ssk, k1 and repeat from * across the row.

But I’m wondering if it’s a misprint somehow. Maybe I’m supposed to repeat the yo ssk twice instead??? Haven’t figured out why my rows don’t look the same as the pic.

Any ideas/thoughts??

The pattern looks correct and so does the way you’re doing it. There are 4 decreases (k2tog and ssk) and 4 increases (yarn overs). It should take 12 sts for each repeat and 15repeats across the row. Maybe you just need to complete another full pattern repeat? There is a comment on one of the Rav projects that the pattern didn’t look right until about row 16.

Make sure to end the repeat with 2x ssk and start the next repeat with 2x k2tog.

According to the directions, the repeat ends with k1. I ended every repeat with that. Could that be my error??

Should I leave that extra k1 till the end??


Also, if I wanted to reduce the number of sts, how many sts are there in each repeat??

Thanks again

Yes, you’re right, there is a k1 between the ssks at the end of the repeat and the k2togs at the beginning of the next. The repeat takes 12 sts so you could reduce be repeats of 12 if you’d like.
Would it help to post a photo of what you have so far?

Thanks, but I ripped i out. I will try again though and see what I comeback up with. At least now I know I’m not reading it wrong!!


It’s been solved!!!

I just had to complete the first set of repeated rows (exactly as written) from 1-16 to see that NOW it looks just like the picture!! Well, mine is with size 10 1/2 needles and 2 strands of baby yarn together and I did a CO of 129, but you get the idea!!

Thanks so much! I have been looking for another pattern to use for baby blankets. Looks like this one could be a hit!


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Great news! I hope we get a chance to see a photo when you finish. It’s an adorable pattern.

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If you have the name of the composer of the pattern ring them or email them they are usually very good at replying.