Can't understand pattern

Please help, I am a new knitter and struggling with this pattern
I have 16sts
(Inc row) *K1, inc in next st, Rep from * to end. 24 sts

Next question.
(Inc row): (K5, inc in next st) 4 times. 28sts.

Sorry if I seem thick but I don’t really understand what it is telling me to do on these 2 questions.

Hi Lynn
You are starting out with 16 st on the first row you are going to k1 do an tncrease in the next st repeating this for the rest of the row giving you 24 sts at the end. With the second row you are going to k5 sts before you make an increase, this repeat is done 4 times. Do they what type of increase to use such as fbf??

Hi Trisha,thanks for this I think I understand what had to be done, still slightly unsure abt the second question. Do I knit 5 then increase on the 6th then do it all again knit 5 and increase the 6th. Also sorry they haven’t told me what type of increase to use.

Thanks so much.
I may need your help further in the pattern. You’ll be sick of me lol x

Yes Lynn k5 then make the increase in the next stitch and repeat this for the remainder of the row.i am happy to help all you have to do is post your questions. Happy knitting !

Thank you so much.:smile:

You are very welcome! :smile: