Can't understand how to do this

My patter reads "k2, *(k1,yo,k1)in next st, sl1, rep from * I’m thinking this might be something like a bobble but don’t understand how to do it. HELP!!!

This is really an increase of 2sts rather than a bobble. If it were a bobble, you would work these increased sts a few times more and then cast off the increased sts. Here’s a video that shows you the increase (your particular situation k1, yo, k1 is the second one demonstrated).

It’s just an increase - with a bobble you’d put more sts into, turn and work the WS, turn and either work the RS sts again or decrease them (not cast them off).

To do it, knit into the stitch and leave it on the L needle, wrap the yarn around for the yo, and knit into it again, then you’re done.