Can't start afghan

:crying: Somebody please help. I can’t start my afghan. This is the problem. I want to make an afghan as wide as a single bed. I have a pattern that says to knit in garter stitch for the entire afghan knitting each row back and forth. It says to cast on 136 stitches and this makes an afghan 54 inches wide. How do I get 136 stitches on a needle that is 14 inches long and if I crowd them on I still don’t see how it will be 54 inches wide. :?? I want to knit it in one piece and I don’t want to use a circle needle. Can I do this? The pattern says to use 9mm needles. Oh I almost forgot this, it also said to knit holding two strands together throughout. So when I count the 136 stitches do I count the two strands as one stitch or two? I know this question is kind of stupid but I just can’t see how to get the width. I don’t think I can even get 136 stitches on the needle. :wall: I would be so :smiley: if someone could help. Thanks

well you blew my suggestion out of the water on this one. i was going to suggest getting a long circ and just go to town! i have never worked with straights so i am afraid someone else will have to explain how to get them all on there.

2 strands are worked as one stitch though. That one i did know the answer too!! :thumbsup:

I don’t think you can do this w/o circular needles unless you want to make strips and sew them together. Why don’t you want to use circs?

I agree. There is no way to fit all those stitches on straight needles. You have to use a circular for the length. The knitting itself will be the same–back and forth, but with double yarn and that many stitches, it won’t work on straights.

Yup…I agree. There’s just no way to do it on straights. With all of the WEIGHT you are going to end up with, you really wouldnt WANT straights, anyway. REALLY. :shock:

Im curious to learn why you dont want to work on circs?

And not just any circular… you need a nice LOOOONG one… probably at least 40" long. Don’t be afraid of em… once you try circs, you’ll love them! :thumbsup:

This is why afghans are traditionall crocheted. Crocheting is geat for blankets, but it sucks for clothing. Crocheting also allows for greater patterns for afghans, and you don’t run into needle length problems.

/I crochet and knit, so I know the limitations of both styles pretty well, unfortunatly :lol: