Cant seem to understand this pattern

Hello :wave:, I’ve tried to work up this pattern and it keeps decreasing to nothing , I don’t know if I’m missing something but I can’t quite figure out what I’m doing wrong. As I understand the k2tog and psso result in a double decrease , but then what I don’t get is when the stiches are increased?
Please help if you can understand it better than me , thankyou

The yfwd means yo. When you bring the yarn to the front and then knit a stitch it produces a yo. There are two in each repeat, if I’m reading it correctly. The yo increases balance the decrease.

Oh that makes sense , Thankyou

I hope it’s working out for you now. It took me way too long to understand what yfwd, k1 does.

I watched a video on YFWD, then had to get my needles out and check. Kind of a different way of thinking about that YO, but it really is the exact same thing! Good to know…the trick now will be to remember it if I ever see it in a pattern!


I found this helpful when trying to wrap my head around these things. I do knit Continental.

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