Can't Seem to Download this pattern

I was at Trioline’s Designs site and spotted a hat called Snow Hat. It says free pattern but I don’t know how to down load it. I hit on about everything. This was on Ravelry

Sorry, I think it was Tricotine

Is it this one?

Yes! that is it! I just couldn’t open it! Thanks!
Now, has anyone increased this pattern more? I suspect the smallest one is for infant but am not really sure. How large a child does this hat fit? I have little ones between 3-9 and one who is 16.

Can this pattern be made larger by just increasing by the same amount of stitches that are between the two sizes given. I think that I would have to lengthen it by quite a bit but I could go by the seat of my pants on that one. Also could I substitute double worsted for the bulky yarn it calls for. I have a bathtub full of worsted weight yarn in the lower level of our condo. If I get the guage there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

She gives the gauge as 7sts/2" and with a cast on of 68 or 76 sts that would end up being about 20-22" around, or an adult size, which may be fine for the 16 yo. What you can do is take thinner yarn and smaller needles and use the same stitch numbers for the young one. But you’ll need to figure the head measurement, subtract an inch, then see how many sts/inch you get on the smaller yarn/needles and whether those numbers will work. The pattern needs a multiple of 4 if you decide to just decrease the numbers, so go down by 4 sts until you get a number that will equal one inch less than the head. Make the one for your older one first, that will get you used to the pattern and you can improvise better after that.

Thanks for your reply!