Can't knit anymore:) Selling Out!

I am having very bad tendonitis in my wrist. Therefore it will be a long time (if ever) before I can knit again.

Here is what I am selling in one big lot:

[color=darkblue]Beautiful handmade knitting needle case in floral- stores 10-15 pairs of needles

Clover dpns bamboo size 8

Cric size 6
Wrights 29 inch size 10

Boye metal size 11 (shorts)

Clover 10 1/2 bamboo (shorts)

Boye metal size 10 1/2 long

Boye metal 13 (longs)

Very nice wood needles size 10 (short)

1 skein wool ease in Wood 232 (unused)

1 skein wool ease in Wood 232 (about half)

2 skeins Daytona ribbon yarb by (unused)

1 skeins Daytona ribbon yarb by (about half)

1 Susan Bates Knit Chek gauge

several boye bobbins

case of knit markers

set of cabling needles

set of stitch holders

2 sock knitting needle covers

1 How to Knit by The Needle Craft Resource Library

1 Vogue Knitting Magazine

1 Family Circle Knitting Magazine Spring/Summer 05

1 Family Circle Knitting Magazine Holiday 05

1 Tiny Tikes Knit and Crochet for Baby[/color]

Picture to come soon!

Here are the pics!

The cost for everything is $30.00. I paid so much more than that for all this so you are getting a deal:) Shipping will be added and I will ship whatever method you prefer. Please feel free to make me an offer via pm.

How many of you would prefer that I list this item on ebay?

Is there really no way you’d be able to knit again even after recovery? :frowning: I don’t know about tendonitis in the wrists but I had it in my ankle. It has took a while to recover but cortisone injections helped. Once it was recovered I occasionally get a twinge when I just make sure I rest it etc.

It would be a shame to see you have to stop knitting forever :frowning:

Thank you for all your sympathy :smiley:

This item has been sold but please check out my auction for crochet stuff:

Sorry to hear that…I also "have"tendonitis in my wrist…compounded by carpel tunnel in my right hand!!! Had CT surgery a few years ago with lots of rehab…Wrists do bother me sometimes…still…Don’t give up, get a good Orthopedic Doc and do what he says. It takes time but it’s worth it. Now it’s just my eyes!!! Ha! Ha!

:slight_smile: Cheley