Can't I look?

I’m working on a blanket… my first. Well, I was working on a sweater, but I needed a brake… so a blanket! My problem is that I was keeping track of how many rows I had worked, using my little row counter, clicking the little wheel… but then my boyfriend stuck in a movie and I got a bit distracted. I know, I know, when will I learn to put the knitting down if I’m not concentrating! Jeez!

Anyway, here’s the problem… I think I miscounted… maybe. Is there anyway to look at my knitting (it’s ribbed, so stockinette stitch) and count how many rows I’ve worked? I’m sure there is, I just haven’t found the right website to help me… luckily I have you wonderful knitting ladies! (and gentlemen?)

My blanket and I thank you.

Yes, you can count your rows–those stitch counters are fallible you know, especially if you forget to turn them (like me).

Every V on the knit side or rib is a row. I find it helpful to put my needle point in the hole of the v and count up–much easier to keep track.