Can't get my stiches off my needle

Hi there, I am a newbie to the world of knitting…Hope my question has not been posted before.

I am doing a simple stocking pattern, alternating between knit and purl rows. I cannot move my stich from my left needle to my right needle. Sometimes the stiches are loose enough for me to easily move, sometimes not. I pratically have to push/yank hard to get it to move to my right needle. Loose and tight stiches seem to be occuring on the same row also.

Also the last stich I do on my row is really, really loose.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The last stitch is [B]always[/B] loose… but there’s a few tricks to tighten it up. Some people always slip the first stitch of the row, but I’ve found that if you gently tug on the first stitch, it pulls up some slack from the end stitch on the row below. Then I knit the next couple a little tighter.

Basically, you have uneven tension and getting it even comes with practice. If you’re working on a project, you might want to set it aside and use some other yarn to `practice’ on. Just knit - garter stitch, stockinette, both, whatever - doesn’t have to [B]be[/B] anything but a sampler. After several inches you’ll find your tension improves. You may also want to try different ways of holding your yarn - there’s about a bazillion - one way may work better for you than others.


You might also find slipperier metal needles easier than bamboo or wood as those two are grippy, however it will make your loose stitches slip too.

I remember having that problem early on. I think it just takes a while for your hands to figure out that you don’t have to wrap the yarn so tightly - they’ll still stay on the needle. Do some practice knitting where you consciously try to knit looser and see if that helps you get a feel for looser knitting.

Are you sure you’re not twisting your stitches? If you’re twisting on the knit side, it would be hard to purl and vice-versa.

What is twisting the stitches? Now that I think about it…my purl side is always really tight vs. my knit side

If you put your needle in the loop the wrong way, it will twist the stitches. It sounds like you might be twisting the knit side since it’s hard to purl the next row.

You can take a look at the videos, or just make sure that you’re putting your needle in the front of the loop from left to right.

If you’re putting the needle in the back of the loop, that will twist the stitch.

Another side question…Does it matter if your stitches “bunch up” on your needle or should you be trying to space them out as you go along?

It’s ok if they bunch up.

But if they are REALLY bunched up the needle might be a bit awkward for you to hold.

When I first started knitting, I actually had to say to myself “knit loose, knit loose, knit loose” … what a wierd looking word … loose … is that the way to even spell it ??? knit un-tight, knit un-tight, knit un-tight :slight_smile:

I was also told you can cast on to a 1-size larger set of needles, then when you knit the first row, knit to the size you need for the pattern. I only have bamboo out here where I am and I did that and it worked well, I had your same problem!