Can't get my foot through the heal :(

So I’m on my second pair of toe up socks and neither pair fit :frowning: the foot part is perfect , the heal seems perfect , but then I try it on a few rows after I’ve rejoined the heal to the instep and it won’t go over my heal … Is it normal to have to add stitches at this point ? And would I add them before I turn the heal or on the instep after ?
Both of these are intarsia so it’s possible there just isn’t as much give ? I hate to make the whole thing bigger b/c it fits so perfect ( if I really wrestle it and manage to get my foot in it fits perfect too… But it’s a real struggle )
TIA for any advice you may have


Every foot is different so you may just need a little extra stretch at this point. If the heel is OK once you get the sock on, it may just be that you need to increase the number of sts on the instep so that when you rejoin with the heel, you’ll have more room and the sock’ll slide easily over your foot. Try it with one sock and continue the extra sts up at least part of the ankle. You can always decrease after the ankle or before the ribbing (if you’re pattern has ribbing). Intarsia shouldn’t have a major effect on the sock, not the way fair isle might.

I wonder if working a few rows on the instep with a size larger needle might work. Would it distort your intarsia too much? Otherwise, adding a few stitches is all I can think of.

One pair of worsted weight socks I made was pretty tight to get on at first but is easier now. They’re acrylic, I don’t know if wool will loosen up or not.

I have a higher instep, too. If I make socks cuff down I have to increase the length of the heel flap. For toe up I think I’d try increasing before you get to the gusset so you’re working on more stitches over the widest part of the foot. There’s probably a point in the intarsia you can do this. I have some toe ups on the needles now and I think I’ll try that myself.

maybe try a different kind of heel?

a gusset heel does not fit me well, i like short row heels (Cat Bordhi’s sweet tomato heel is actually my go to now)

Thank you all for your quick replies. I cast on a new sock that I’ll keep as simple as I can and play around…was so excited for the ones I was working on, they were looking super cute ! :frowning:
And I’m totally trying that tomato heal, that looks wonderful !