Can't get into 'Ravelry', but don't panic it's my computer

Since early afternoon I haven’t been able to get it, my computer says it isn’t there. Is this just my ridiculously old computer or is any one else having problems?

It’s working fine for me! :shrug:

workin for me too

This is my bookmark, (which has worked up until this afternoon)

And this is my error message.

[B]500 Internal Server Error[/B]

So, just my crappy computer computer then.:wall:

the link works for me. Does just not work either?

Nope, and I’ve just been on the official friends thread and all the links on the first page say what I copy and pasted.

Ahhhh I hate computers!!

Hello, I’ve logged in on Nobones behalf, she can’t KH or Raverly to work at the moment.

:?? Huh?

I can get in. Can you see my project page?

Or just not your own?

I found yours.

I’m having problems too!

Turned out to be a ‘cookie’ problem. Whatever one of those is.

My hubby says I have to put that what I actually said was ‘but I don’t eat cookie’s around the computer’. He nearly wet himself laughing. Any way, he fixed it but I couldn’t get into anything and now I can.