Can't find thread on knitting two sleeves at once?

Help. I know that there was a thread that was discussing knitting two sleeves for a baby sweater at once and I have been gone about a week and now can’t find it… anyone??? anyone???

It’s very simple, really. Just use two balls of yarn and cast the sleeve stitches on the same needle, one ball for each. Just make sure you don’t knit them together! :wink:

And you can only do this if you’re knitting them flat, not in the round! :wink:

Well, unless you’re doing magic loop, which can be a bit confusing…

So, are you knitting them side-by-side or what? I can’t even picture how do do something like this… yet it would be helpful because you can get them done and to look the same.

Yes, they’re knit side by side. Let’s say you need to cast on 40 st for each sleeve. You cast on 40, then with another ball of yarn you cast on the 40 for the second sleeve.

You’ll have two seperate groups of cast on st on your needle. Just knit each one with it’s ball of yarn.

It works out great because you always know that your sleeves are exactly alike.

Thanks so much Ingrid. I am going to have to try that with the next sweater I am doing. Right now I am working on my very first baby sweater. I had one sleeve almost done and had to frog it. :frog: Grrrr. Now I am almost done again with that sleeve. It is taking forever for me to finish this because I am not a fan of the yarn I am working with. Like how it will feel, but hard to knit with. :wall:

I don’t think anyone loves sleeves. If I have to knit them separately from the body, I try to do them first. It gets them out of the way, and if there’s a pattern, I get used to it. I have made sweaters that have waited for sleeves, but once the sleeves are done first, I always make the body!

Another good tip. Thanks again!! :smiley: