Can't find pattern. Please help decipher

I lost the pattern for a thorw blanket I’m knitting. Sigh. I remember that it’s a simple pattern, but can’t remember it. Here are some pictures of yhe roght side and wrong side. If someone could help!

Hi Froglegs, welcome to forum
As I can see it is simple 4 row repeat pattern.
Seed stitch is border of blanket and looks like is 8 stitches if i count correct.
Row 1 : 8seed stitch(k,p,k,p,k,p,k,p), knitt to last 8 stitches, 8seed stitches
Row 2 : seed stitches border, purl to last 8, seed stitches border.
Row 3 : 8 seed, 2k, 2p to last 8, 8seed
Row 4 : 8 seed, 2p,2k, 8 seed
Good luck and happy knitting.

Yippee! Thank you!