Can't Find My Post!

Yesterday I posted a question about the pattern direction, “k,p,k in the next stitch”. I’ve done it all in the front of the stitch, but it seems to leave a large hole during the following row! I need help!

I was hoping for some hints as to how to accomplish this, but I cannot even find my post! Where can it be???


It’s there. “Under need help with weights”… I just looked at it…

Sorry i can’t help you with your question.

Thank you, Anne…

Now I see it! :rollseyes: I’m glad to know it’s been found…I hope someone can help me with it. I’ve gone to different “helps”, but cannot find help for how to do this. Hopefully someone in this forum has done it before!


here’s a hint for you --> If you click on the “view profile” button of one of your posts, it has a link that says view posts by this user and you can see all your most recent posts.