Can't figure out

How to do the front of ds’ sweater. The site is
I am lost at the divide for v-neck and so forth. If anyone can help, I’m appreciate it!


You work it in one piece up to the armholes (or a little less than the back.) Then you’ll be putting half the stitches onto a holder (spare piece of yarn) for later.

Work the raglan shaping as you did for the back, and work the decreases along the neck edge as written.

Did you need more?

Hi Ingrid,

I’m confuzzed on the front:
Divide for v-neck: Where do I work the 3 rows, on the 3 sts or the 31 sts on the holder?

Shape raglan armhole: When they say as on back, do I bind off 5 sts on the beg. of the next 2 rows? Do I continue from there or continue from at the same time, shape neck as follows?

When they say first fasten off right side, are they talking abt. the
sts from the v-neck on a holder? I don’t understand complete as for other side. How do u reverse the shaping?

I hope I’m not inconviencing u, but I just don’t understand. I have ADD sometimes the simplest things are hard to understand. Thanks for ur patience.


Once you put the stitches on the holder, they stay there until you’re ready to work that side of the V neck. Work the stitches that are still on the needle for the 3 rows.

Then bind off for the underarm only on the underarm edge–not on both edges, since one edge is now the neck.

After you complete the one side, you’re done with that half of the front. Put the stitches from the holder onto your needles and work the raglan decreases as you did on the other side of the back, and work the V decreases at the neck edge.

Once you get going, it’ll be easy to reverse the shaping, since you have a neck edge and an armhole edge to refer to.