Can't figure out thumb cast on

I hold my yarn continental style. I watched the video on thumb cast on but I just don’t get how u wrap the yarn around the ndl. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s another video and still pictures. Sometimes you need more help from another source. It’s called a loop cast on here, but it’s the same thing I think.

Main page with all the tutorials.

It doesn’t look the same to me. It looks like it’s missing the part where you throw the wool and do a knit stitch before passing it onto the right needle.
If I’m right, what difference would there be in the result - would one be tighter than the other?

You mean the thumb variation of the long tail cast on maybe? The plain loop CO is looser and really isn’t a good one to use to start anything. What part don’t you understand?

Oh dear, all these different names and also/known/as!!!
The original question was about this site’s video on the thumb CO (alternative to LTCO). that’s the one I saw you throw the wool and knit the stitch before passing it onto the right needle.
Then Jan said to watch the knitpicks video (loop cast on) and said she thought it was the same thing. I said I thought it wasn’t. In fact what you see there looks like the Single CO (backward loop CO) on your videos, even though here the knitter uses a finger instead of the thumb.
It’s all academic really. I can see why that loop CO would not make a good edge. Think I’ll stick with my two needles!