Can't figure out this scarf

I feel like an idiot because I can’t find a pattern for a scarf like this. A woman at work wants me to make two or three for her to give away as presents (the woman in the picture bought the scarf somewhere, and when the other woman at work saw it she took a picture of it and wanted to know if I could make one like it), and I know it looks very simple, but I’ve been brain storming and I just can’t get it right. I guess I just do a basic stich pattern with ridiculously large needles and funky yarn? :shrug:

If you’ll use the same kind of yarn, knit on really large needles, 15s or 17s and/or do an elongated/drop stitch. K1, yo 1 or 2, k1, etc across the row. The next row, k across while dropping the YOs.

You could even just knit garter on size 50 needles and it would be close.