Can't figure out one line of pattern

making this flowerburst dischcloth (nice gift). Found it on Isn’t it pretty?

but I cannot figure out the 3rd row, which says:

K1,(P1,yo,K1,yo) 4 times, P1,K1 …which gives you an increase of 8 stitches.
You see, if you P1,yo…your’e now ready for a regular knit stitch …and you don’t get an increase. I tried wrapping the yarn all around the needle but that didn’t work.
I’ll give you rows 1&2, but it’s a very long pattern, so I won’t type it all in here. You can get it over at Search for ‘Flowerburst dischcloth’.

Here are rows 1 to 3…if you want to try it. Thanks a bunch!

With A, cast on 6 sts.
[B]1st row[/B]: (RS). (K1. yo) 5 times. K1. 11 sts.
[B]2nd row[/B]: (P1. K1) 5 times. P1.
[B]3rd row[/B]: K1. (P1. yo. K1. yo) 4 times. P1. K1. 19 sts.

To do a P1, YO, K1 you work the purl stitch as normal, then leave your working yarn in front, insert needle into next stitch as to knit, then bring the working yarn up and over the needle to complete the knit 1 stitch. That will make a yarn over. :^)

Debra in NC

PS - That’s a very pretty dishcloth!

Wow the pattern and colours combination looks great, Thanks anyways

Debra: I get the yo for the knit stitch, but how do I yo for the following purl stitch? if I just pull the yarn fwd, it makes a normal purl stitch. Do I purl with yarn in back?

Yarn Over 101

Actually I have it playing now, I think what you want may be in it.

She knits Continental, it might be a bit different in English. I dunno. You can look at too.

Hello Woodi.

I take it from your comment that you are doing your purl stitch then taking the yarn over the right needle to the back of your work and then when you do the second purl the yarn then returns to the front as if you hadn’t done a YO in the first place.

The way to do a YO between 2 purl stitches is to work the 1st purl as normal then do a YRN (yarn round needle) where you take the yarn over the needle from front to back and then under the needle to bring it back to the front ready for the 2nd purl stitch.

"…how do I yo for the following purl stitch? if I just pull the yarn fwd, it makes a normal purl stitch."
For the K1, yo, P1, the easiest thing to do is to knit the stitch, bring the yarn forward between the needles, over the right needle to the back and then around and between the needles to the front again to purl the next stitch.

Thank you everyone!

…taking this pattern with me in long car ride today, for cardio-rehab, a 16-week program to get me back to ‘better-than-normal’. I was sick for a long time and didn’t know it.

Isn’t it strange how that works? Years ago, when depression had me in its depths and I could take Prozac for 5 months (before the side-effect seized up my joints and I had to quit)…I remember thinking then: “Wow, I was so sad before and thought that was normal; now I have a new normal”.

Same with heart issues…post surgery:a new normal.

GrumpuGramma, the method is the same for English and Continental, so thanks for a good link for all of us.

Salmonmac, thanks for noticing that Woodi was asking how to do a YO from a knit to purl and [U]not [/U]from a purl to a purl as I thought :doh:.

Woodi, Salmonmac has given the right answer so follow her advice.

If anyone wants to get [U]really[/U] technical Salmonmac is giving instructions on how to do a YF (yarn forward) combined with a YRN (yarn round needle) in on movement.

Woodi, I’m so glad you asked this! Have a safe trip.

Julie, thanks for pointing out that English style is the same. I couldn’t see any reason why not but sometimes some little something can differ and make a whole big difference in application. I tend to move the yarn and needles so that I’m ready to make the next stitch and if I do my yo on that side then everything’s ready for the next stitch and I don’t think about the mechanics involved. When I do that I get too muddled. The method of knitting or purling with the yarn starting out on the other side is something I have to remember to try. I’ve learned a lot about yarn overs and why there are various names for ending up with the same result. They’re really telling you how to do it. Someone, somewhere, sometime in a thread here said pretty much the same thing but at the time I didn’t really get it.

Knit on!

I’m just NOT getting this pattern. So I sent a copy to my cousin in California (2000 miles away). She lives with her Mom and they both knit, so they tried it. They think there is a mistake in the pattern. This was her latest comment:

We are totally stuck on row 21. In the comments at the bottom of the pattern the knitter says that ssk is slip slip knit. If you do that you use up 3 stitches. When I look up ssk it says to slip two stitches and knit them together, which would be only using 2 sts. Meanwhile having tried both ways I still run out of sts before I get to end of row 21.

We noticed that every other row has increased by 8 sts. EXCEPT Row 21. We think there is a mistake in the pattern.

Many of the RS rows increase by 8sts but not all of them. Row 21 requires 86sts and with 5 increases, finishes up with 91sts. The ssk is indeed a decrease that uses 2sts and leaves you with one stitch. The problem may be in how the M1 is done. For this pattern you need to increase [I]between[/I] sts like this (or see other similar increases on the Free Videos tab). If you use a stitch for the M1, you’ll run out of sts before the end of the row.

Thanks salmonmac. I passed on your comment to them. I cannot seem to get past row 5 myself. Guess I don’t really understand how to do some of the stitches. May need to find a knitter in person! How far are you from me? I’m in Perth, Ontario, Canada. (just kidding, really…too far).

Ah, many miles. Any plans to visit Washington DC in the near future?

No, no plans to travel west, salmonmac. My DH would love a trip to New Zealand, but trying to wrap my head around that…I’m not much for flying.

I just got an answer from my cousin and her Mom about the row you advised on:

We just tried row 21 AGAIN and doing the M1 in the loop between the sts is what made the difference (I think) cause it worked out this time.

I did the knitting while Mom read the sts to me. It’s not a difficult row we were just not doing it correctly. I was doing the M1 as a regular increase.

Row 5 - K1, P1, then you do [U]K1, yo twice, then K1, inc 1 in next st [/U]and then you do the underlined portion 3 times, then k1, yo twice, then k1, P1, K1.