Can't Decide What to Start Next

I’m nearly finished with my DD’s scarf – all I need to add is the fringe – so it’s time to decide on my next project. I’ve been collecting yarn and patterns and now I don’t know what to do next!

Wanna help me decide?

Here are my options:

a) socks (using Silver’s tutorial)
b) shawl (from a pattern I found on Ravelry)
c) hats for my kids with the yarn leftover from their scarves (magic loop?)
d) baby doll clothes (I don’t have yarn for this yet but I have a feeling getting some won’t be difficult. ;))

What do you think? As far as my experience goes, so far I have knitted two scarves and a dishcloth. :blush:

I think that a hat is the next logical step! Socks are fun, too…

I voted for the shawl just because it’s something you can probably use by the time you finish it. Hats and baby clothes are a great option, but how much use will a hat get until next winter? Plus, those small projects are great to work on when it’s too hot to have a larger project in your lap. Socks, of course, are always great. I’ve still got my first pair on the needles b/c I keep getting deadline projects to do.

I voted for socks, I just love socks! Love making them, love wearing them, love giving them, love everything about socks. They’re the perfect bring-along project, easy and usually quick… I can’t think of a negative here…

I voted for socks because there are several techniques involved in making them and think they’re a great learning project.

Ooh, those are all good points, which doesn’t make my decision any easier! :rofl:

Thanks for the input! :thumbsup:

It looks like socks is winning so far. Maybe I should try to figure out how I want to learn – with a book, Silver’s tutorial printed out, or Silver’s tutorial on screen? :shrug:

[SIZE=“2”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][CENTER]I voted for socks. They’re easier than you would think, can be knitted while catching up on the news on TV, and everyone needs them![/CENTER][/FONT][/SIZE]

Socks, here in Oregon, we can almost always wear them. They’re a very portable knitting project, and folks love to get them as gifts.

then you would have the basics for ML before you started your Socks. The Shawl could be a Pi (more complicated), or a Eyelette (very simple), I did not know how involved it would be, just that it would be a BIG project (being Big is NOT a bad thing, it is a good thing)


I voted hats mainly because my LYS suggests learning to knit a hat in the round before starting the socks class. A hat is fun and doesn’t take a huge amount of time to knit.

But after the hat, socks should definitely be next!

I voted for socks. Everyone needs them and the project is small enough to carry anywhere. If I am sitting I am knitting. And it usually is socks.:knitting::knitting::knitting: