Can't decide what to knit... a moebius? a hat? a wimple?

I need advice!!

I don’t really like ribbed hats because they will smoosh my hair inthe wintertime.

So, I’m trying to decide what to knit which will be fairly loose fitting (my hair is generally still wet when I leave for work), yet warm and won’t fall off (it’s windy in Kansas!).

Also, preferably, it will not make my giant head look even bigger and since I am plus-sized, it is something that would look nice on a plus sized lady.

Any advice on what would work for me??? I have some beautiful yarns (DK weight and Aran weight) that I can use, but I want to find the right thing first.

Scarf with a hood… moebius… wimple… beret or tam… I can’t decide!

Please give me fashion advice! :??

I like the coif pattern from Knitty. It covers the top of your head and your ears and ties either under your chin or in the back under your hair. It’s windy in Rochester, too, and I haven’t lost mine yet!

I would go with a wimple or a hooded scarf…more versatile.

Don’t forget to show us when your done!

Rhy :slight_smile:

I’d do a mobius, only because it is so interesting to do!