Cant attatch the pic to show can plss anyone help

Hellooo everyone for helping me with the sweater as it ws my first adult sweater for men and by using cable
Phew!!! It took me 2 and half month to ccomplete
Still I’m not happy with the results at all
Some how I can’t make any atttatchments and I click on attatchment
And the windows open and say choose a file as I select the file
It just does not except it
Pls can anyone help

Jan gives pretty detailed instructions here. See if this helps. When the picture uploads, maybe you can also tell us what you’re not happy with in the sweater.

hello there thank u everyone for helping me thru out the pattern
im not happy with the neckline
as u c in the pic the v neck does not settle down does this always happen or its my mistake
i thought of blocking it and there is a pic on the hanger looks good
but dont know how will it turn out to be when once worn
i think i made a biggest mistake i learnt a lesson
i read some where that always put a stitch marker as u proceed the body and than pick up the stitches for the neckline it becomes easier and i dint remember to do that had difficulty in picking up the sts
so i guess i must have picked up wrong ones

You might have picked up too many sts, which makes a ruffle type effect. Take out the neck band and use this ratio for picking up - stitch for stitch along the back neck and 2 sts out of every 3 along the sides of the V. Use a smaller needle to pick up and you might use one size smaller than you knit the sweater for the neckband too.

Thank u soooooooo much for the help will surely do that
Thanks a million

What a great looking sweater. I hope you’re able to get the neckline the way you like it 'cause it’d be a shame for the intended person not to wear this!

Sue’s ratios are good for picking up sts and it’s certainly worth re-doing the neckband. You’re pattern may also have directions for the center stitch at the bottom of the V. Usually there are decreases on either side of that center st to shape the point of the V and make sure that part too stays flat.

Thank you sooooo much guys
I did open the neck band and did it again it looks good
Thank u sue

Great! Glad it worked out.

I sometimes have trouble getting pics to load when they are too large a file. I go to this website to reduce them. If you do them for the Facebook size, you’re generally okay.

That sweater is gorgeous, by the way, very handsome. Very nice first sweater!!