Cannot get tl2r and tl2 left to look like the picture

I want to make this sweater for my husband, however the zig-zag twist stitches look awful when I do them. They are spread out and flat instead of how they look in the picture.

Thereis a picture and the pattern at Yarn Lovers Room and the sweat is called men pullover knit. It’s an Irish Knit and I’m really frustrated I can’t get this stich right.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Can you post a picture of your stitches? I looked for your pattern and found this:
I haven’t done TL or TR stitch yet, but I think I read a description in a book . . . I’ll look for that, but can’t right now. Hopefully someone else can look at this pattern and have tips.


It could be the yarn. I find that smoother yarns give me better stitch definition. If the yarn is soft, then twist stitches get lost in the pattern. At least that has been my experience.