Cannot get this row correct

Can someone explain in detail how to do this row.

P2 *yo, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, yo, p2, repeat from *

I think I am going wrong with the yo’s

on the first yo since the yarn is already in front after the p2, do you just wrap it around again

after the k2 tog, it seems like you have already done a yo when you are preparing for the next p2.

Thanks for any and all help.

P2 *yo, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, yo, p2, repeat from *

After the P2 your yarn will be in front. You are correct to wrap the yarn OVER your R needle from front to back so the yarn is now in back and a NEW loop has been created on your R needle. Now slip the next st from the L to R needle being careful not to let the YO loop slip off of the R needle. K1. PSSO (which is a decrease to match the YO increase). K2tog. YO, which will start and end with the yarn in back (also this is an increase to match the K2tog decrease). P2.
You should end with the same number of stitches you started with.

When the stitch after the YO is knit you just bring the yarn forward between the needles and then back over the right needle in place to knit.

When the stitch after the YO is a purl you bring the yarn forward between the needles, over the right needle and back forward in place to purl. If you don’t do it this way you won’t get a YO.

There are videos in the increase section at the tab above.

Another question in regards to this row. When I do the slip stitch -should the needle slip from the front of the stitch or the back. The pattern is called Bundle of Joy.

When it’s part of a decrease, slip a stitch as if you were going to purl it, but you leave the yarn in back.

I am still having problems—can you explain how the yarn should be for the first sititches p2, yo, sl1. I think this is where I am getting confused.

When you purl 2, your yarn is in front, of course. Then you will wrap the yarn around your right needle once (wrap it the same way you would if you were doing a purl stitch) and the yarn will then be in back. Next, slip one stitch purlwise (in other words, without twisting the stitch). Your yarn will still be in back when you slip this stitch. Now you’re ready to knit the next stitch.

Maybe try not to pull the yarn too tightly when you do the yarn over. Yes, as Antares says, bring the yarn from front, over the right needle, slip one and then k1. If you’re pulling on the yarn over, it’ll tend to close it up and it’ll look confusing.