Cannot figure this out

knitting this 2 color cowl

with B cast on 18 sts. With A, cast on 18 sts.

I do alright until I get to this:

With A, ( K1,P1) 5 times. P1. Slip next 7 sts onto cable needle and leave at front of work. With B K7. With A, K7 from cable needle. With B, P1. ( P1. K1) 5 times.

Row 6: with B (P1. K1) 5 times. K1. With A, P7. With B, P7. with A, K1 ( K1, P1) 5 times.

I have this long strand switching from B to A or vice versa…cannot figure out how else it can be done.

The strands are going to be long as you change yarns especially because there are so many sts in the cable. What may help is to catch the float as you would in fair isle. The loop will still be there but it won’t be dangling out there as one long strand. You’d only have to do it once along the 7sts in each color on a row. See if you think that helps.

Thanks, salmonmac, I wanted to know that too. :thumbsup:

Can you give us a link to your pattern? I’m wondering if it was meant to be done as intarsia which would eliminate the floats but require two balls of color A. I want to do two color cable work and thought that for a wide cable I would skip the floats if possible.

Link to pattern

Love it! Thanks so much for the link. I hope we get to see photo of the finished cowl, too.