Cannot figure out gull lace stitch on the FLS

Am I the only one in the universe that cannot figure out the gull lace pattern on the February Lady Sweater ? Here is the the link,

I knit it exactly as written, ie K1, K2tog, yo, K1, Yo, ssk, K1. then purl the next row. etc. It does not look right. If I always end with K1 and then start with a K1 and k2tog. it does not look right.

I have been trying to swatch it for three weeks. I have given myself a break to figure it out and I still cant get it.


That’s correct, it’s a 7 st repeat, 2 repeats would look like this - k, k2T, O, k, O, ssk, k, k, k2T, O, K, O, k, so yes you have 2 k sts together. A YO is just wrapping the yarn around your needle, not wrapping and knitting a st, so that’s where you could be off.

I swear thats what Im doing but it just doesnt look right. I must me doing the yo’s wrong. I have been knitting for years but once in awhile I do things really wrong. lol

Thank you so much

YOu are doing the second pattern row, as well, yes?

22otg, YO, k3, YO, ssk?

everything lines up - so that your kkk is centered over the OkO, and then the OKO is centered over the kkk, alternatively.

I will pay closer attention to what Im doing. 2,000 people have made this sweater and I am the one with problems. I will swatch again. thank you so much

I did it!!!

you all ROCK!!!

Yay! Well really, you aren’t the only one that’s had a problem with it. There’s a kal group for it on Ravelry and several people have had questions about the lace pattern.

I just made this sweater in the small size as a Xmas gift. I just want to give you a hint when you get to the sleeves. Although the pattern calls for a 12-inch circular, I found that a 16-inch actually works better even for the small size. Plus, you’ll find the sleeves easier to knit, because the “even” rows are all knits instead of purls. Good luck!

HAHAHAHA; I had to laugh when I read this. I got up early this morning to search the FLS because I can’t seem to "get it either!! I am currently putting in a lifeline to frog bac to BEFORE the eyelet increase row becaue the whole thing looks FUNKY.

I don’t like th eyelet increase, either I’m doing something wrong or…

You don’t have to do an eyelet increase, you can use whatever inc you did on the raglan shaping for the yoke.

I really don’t care for the look of the eyelet, and given the number of stitiches there is no way for it to come out “even”. I had gotten the first repeat of the lace done and it was obviously wrong so I frogged back to the row before the eyelet and am going to start over.

I’ll use the m1 for the increases.

I think the eyelet increases was done on the original baby sweater to thread ribbon through and it’s not really necessary. Oh… when you did the yo, did you just wrap the yarn for the yo, or wrap and knit 1, making it yo k1? That will throw off your st count.

I did the yo correctly. I think my stitch count got “off” because I missed a row of increases, I frogged back added another row of increases and then was only off 1 stitch which I added in the middle of the back. I’m going to do the “eyelet” increase row next and then make sure the stitch numbers in the “sections” are correct before starting th gull lace stitch.

I THINK it will come out ok.

This is actually my first “lace” experience so it isn’t coming “easy”. Luckily I don’t get to stressed over frogging and THIS time around I’m putting in a life line BEFORE starting the lace!!!

I’m sure it will come out fine, you’re to the point where you can figure out your mistakes and fix them.