Cannot decipher pattern-- help requesteds

I’m so frustrated. I cannot decipher this pattern. It’s by dicy pontz from Etsy.
This is the one shoulder top.
it says: Work increase every 6th row on the RS 7 more times. What does this mean? I’m also supposed to work armhole decreases and chest short rows at the same time. What stitches to do perform? There is no consistent directions on what I should be doing per row. Please help!!!
I only have
r1: k1 k1, p1
r2 k1 k1 p1
It also says that I have to work decreases on the RS of the work for every row 18 more times, then on every 4th row 9 more times.

“Work increase every 6th row on the RS 7 more times” - work the stated increase, work 5 rows without shaping, repeat these 6 rows a total of 8 times (includes the first increase row).
Sometimes with instructions like these, what I do is write out the row numbers, then put each increase/decrease etc on their corresponding row numbers so you can see where you need to do each one and where they coincide. I’m not sure if that might help you?


Thank you. Yes, I do that, so I do change the WS row to reflect the new instructions? This does clarify some though.

Usually you need to take into account the new stitches when working the WS row but it will depend where the increases where put in on the RS. For instance if row 1 has inc at the end of the row, this is the beginning of the WS row so you think about which stitch need do go there.
With row 2 being k1 k1 p1
With an additional stitch at the beginning then I would p1, k1 k1 p1
When the next inc appears then
K1 p1, k1 k1 p1

Similarly with arm hole decreases you would think about which stitch has gone and keep your pattern working in the right place (on RS and WS). Reading the knitting helps otherwise writing down the stitches and crossing them off could help.

If you have increases mid row rather than end of row you might need more thought or more help to decide how to keep continuity of the pattern.

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Thank you for your help but sadly, I’m still confused. Are there any tutorials on youtube to help?

Is it that it doesn’t say what sort of increase or decrease to use or something else?

Is this your pattern? I’m trying to understand where you are that you’re doing increases and decreases to make the shoulder working bottom up.

You might want to try contacting the designer. I’m guessing the pattern might need revisions.

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Shintoga’s idea of making a table with the row numbers in one column, the decreases or increases in another and the short rows noted in another column. That way you only have to look at one row at a time to determine what to do.
For example, if you call the starting row, row 1, the increases every 6th row would be on rows 1,7,13,19,25,31,37 and 43.

For the decrease every row 18 more times (maybe 19 times total?) call the starting row, row 1 and decrease on rows 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and 19 then on rows 23,27,31,35,39,43,47,51 and 55.

These kind of instructions are very confusing at first so you have to break them down into some easy way to work and remember. I know it’s frustrating but if you take it step by step it will work out.

Hi GG, good to hear from you and thanks for the pattern link.


It’s a very interesting pattern, isn’t it? I’m still confused about it but that’s OK. Normal even. :grin:

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