Candy cane hats

I decided to do something kooky so I made hats for the kids and grandkids to wear for pictures. I used a lion brand yarn and the stuff stretched after washing so the hats didn’t end up as I would have liked but they will be good enough to get some pictures I think. The red ones are for my dd and her husband and son and the white ones are for my son, dil and grandson.

That should be really cute!

They stretched? Even if you tossed them in the dryer?

Oh my! What a wonderful bunch of hats!!! Great work!
You just have been seeing stripes in your sleep by the time all were done!!!

Awww they are lovely :slight_smile:


Yes, that is what was weird. They were fine, I set the color in cold water and vinegar then tossed them in the washer and washed them then dried them and they had stretched so I washed them in HOT water and dried them on the highest setting and they might have shrunk a bit, but not much. Ahh well!

CUTE! Sorry to hear that they stretched but I bet they will love them just the same!

those are adorable - what a cute idea!

Yes, those are definitely fun for this time of the year - very festive!



My fall picture idea would be to make pumpkin hats for the grankids and have them line up behind bales of hay so just their faces and the hats are poking up and call it Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch. I am full of cute ideas I never do. LOL

Those are cute. Great family picture idea!

Very cute!!

They are very cute!

what a great idea !! I feel like I should start knitting now for my children. I’m not pregnant and we’re not trying, but I’m not a very fast knitter and there are just sooo many ideas that I have bookmarked…

Cute hats. Too bad they stretched. Which LB did you use? I once made a hat from Wool-Ease, it turned out a little big, my own fault. But I tried to shrink it in hot water which actually made it get even bigger. LOL

What is the little motif on each hat? I can’t see it well enough to tell how it is done either. Embroidery?

:yay: They are very cute!

Wool-Ease! lol Live and learn I guess. I tried shrinking them 3-4 times and nada.