Candle Flame Shawl

I really want to make this shawl. I have been fighting with the pattern now for a week. Everything is great until I get to row 19. :?? It just dosen’t work out. I was hoping that someone here might have made this shawl, and can help me.

Can you put the part you’re having problems with here? Maybe we can help you work it out.

Or even better, is it a pattern you can link to?

I tryed the link thing.That was a bust. …I got the pattern from Pattern Central ( I Looooove that site) I got in contacted with someone ,that I guess runs the site (wonderful person) that sent me here for help… So if you have a few minutes, here’s my prob. Row 18 : P9,k2,P3,k2,p9. (I have 25 sts on the needle now) … Row 19 RS: k4, (k, yo, k)<–all in the same stitch.) p2 (sl2-k1-p2sso) p2,k4,(k, yo,k)k4 Co3st…Now call me crazy, but does row 19 add up to 21 sts? Or what am I doing wrong? And another thing (remeber I’m new here) how do get those little smiley guys in my post? They look fun. Thanx …Karen

Here ya go…

Candle Flame Shawl

I’m counting 21, too… :??

Have you emailed the designer? The one whose email is at the bottom of the pattern? Sounds like you emailed Rachel at knittingpatterncentral…

I get that you end up with 23, but use 21. That still doesn’t help.

k4= 4
k,yo,k= 3
p2= 2
p2= 2
k4= 4
k,yo,k= 3
k4= 4

I’v tried both Kelly,(emailing the site, and Linda Clark) Did ya notice that the Candle Flame site has not been updated since the year 2000! I was just hoping that I would fined someone in here, that has tried this pattern, and can say to me "YES KAREN THERE WAS A BOO-BOO, YOU ARE NOT THE VILLAGE IDIOT’’. I’m NOT GIVING UP ON THIS. Thank you for letting vent :slight_smile: Karen

Wow what a beeeeeyoooootiful pattern. I hope you can find the designer.

I hope you find your answer :?: I would love to knit this :slight_smile:

Look what I found on the internet. Turns out the pattern does have mistakes in the pattern and if you email this lady she will give you the corrections.

forgot to say I emailed her, but have not recieved a email back yet

ctmax, it seems you have turned out to be the" Nancy Drew" of the knitting world! Or are you wonder women? (Steal bra and all?) What ever the garb, your my new hero!! :smiley: I will email that site (right this second) And if I don’t get email back, I’ll set up camp outside her house. Thanks to everyones help. I’ll keep ya posted . Karen


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Ok, are you ready for this? I email the women that has the corrections for the candle flame shawl, she is kind enough to email me back (holding temper here now)…I see her email at the last minute, I’m late for work. I’ll copy, and send a note of thanks when I get home from work . Husband comes home, (gnashing teeth now) HE DELEATS ALL EMAIL.AND TRASH TOO!!! Is this grounds for justifiable homicide? Are all men IDIOTS and I have married their KING !!! UGH!! I’m sure Violet will send me another copy…thanx again…Karen

I’m sorry… I know nothing about this pattern, but I can’t help but laugh…this had me cracking up! Sometimes were all married to the king! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m thinkin’ you’d have a strong case for it!

I am intensely interested in this pattern and its corrections. Any luck on retrieving them, before I go and bug the poor designer myself?

I’v bugged the the correction lady twice now (for reasons you have read…The King) She has no prob. with emailing you th pattern. She seems queit delighted. Ihave got way past my prob. area, and it’s looking great. So go ahead Wynnie. Karen

I am trying to help her lessen her load, so I am now offering the corrections as well.

So i have decided to go ahead and make this shawl with my Manos. But I’m stuck on the first stich!!!

The instructions say Cast on 1 stich then row is K,YO,K

but how do you YO if you’ve already knit the one stich off? :??

DOH! OK I figured out the the Cast on stich is the second stich after the slip knot which kinda counts as a stich right? So anyway, when you’ve got 2 stiches on the needles you can do the K, YO, K .

SO then the next row (row 2) is p3
then row 3 says: K1, (k,YO,K),K1.
What I don’t get is why is the K.YO.K in parenthesis? If I try to knit the first of three stiches then knit the next stich, YO and knit the next stich there are no stiches left over to do the last K. and the next row (row 4) says to P5 so what I did on the the 3rd row was k1 YO k1 YO k1. THat gives me 5 stches so that I can purl them in the next row.

But then row 5 says K2 (K,YO,K) K2 with row 6 being all purls again. So this is the pattern but it doesn’t make sense to me. Does it make sense to anyone else? :??

I think that from the first cast on, the (K, YO, K) is in the one stitch.