Candle Flame Shawl

O.k., I need help, please…

I’m on a Row 21 repeat of the shawl pattern which says
Row 21: (K, YO, K) *P2, K4, (Sl 2-K1-P2sso), K4, P2, (K, YO, K) repeat from * to end

Now, I’m cool with all of that, know what I’m doing and such…but when I try to do the (K, YO, K) part…I only have one stitch which to do that upon. I have tripple checked my last row, and it all comes out exactly as the pattern called for…so I don’t understand how I can NOT have two stitches upon which to knit, adding one inbetween. I’ve checked the corrections to the patterns and such, and I have been using the corrected pattern. I’m at a loss.

Thank you for looking!

Bel :aww:

Could it be that the K, yo, K are all in one stitch and so you’re increasing two stitches each time you do this?

Yes, the K yo K is done all into one stitch. A yo doesn’t use a stitch in any case.

Thanks guys! I feel silly now…but this is what I get for putting this project away for 5 years. Hopefully I can finish it this go round!


Check the archives here and on Ravelry.
There were a lot of people making these shawls about two years ago and a lot of good of information was posted.
If you need more help, it will be useful.
If I remember correctly there was an error in the pattern (unless you have a corrected copy).
That info would listed too.

Yup, I am using the corrected copy. Thank you all!