Candle Flame Shawl Pattern Question

I’ve just begun the Candle Flame Shawl pattern and have hit a wall…and was curious if anyone else has worked this pattern…is it me or the pattern??? The link to the free pattern is:
It’s a beautiful shawl! I get up through row 18 with no problem and then on row 19, I have 4 extra stitches at the end of the row. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Hi, it is a very pretty shawl…I haven’t made it yet but there was KALhere awhile back for it…you maybe able to read through it and get some tips or see if there was an error in the pattern…

ohh I looked up the pattern on Ravelry and found this::thumbsup:
[B]Pattern Errata [/B](via [U][COLOR=#000000]Kent[/COLOR][/U]):
Row 19: K4,(K,YO,K),K4,P2,(Sl 2-k1-p2sso),P2,K4,(K,YO,K),K4,CO 3 sts
Row 20: P1,K2,P11,K2,P1,K2,P11,CO 3 sts
Row 29: [I]K4, (K, YO, K), K4, P2, (Sl 2-kl-p2sso), P2 repeat from[/I] [B]NOTE![/B] [I]you won’t have enough sts left on the needles to complete the last repeat, so after the second K4 just end by CO 3 sts[/I]

Go to the KAL site … there is a mistake in the pattern and the correction is there … I hit the very same wall … ouch!

:muah: Thank you soooo much!!! I read through all the posts and copied the corrections so I trust I can move through the pattern. As soon as I’m through surfing through this site I’ll pick up the needles. I must ask though, what is “frogging”?

I selected a lace weight, Buckingham 80% Alpaca 20% Silk yarn which is wonderfully soft but after seeing the lovely pictures posted here, I would like a tighter pattern than I have achieved working this on a size 6 needle. When I read the label on the yarn, it actually states size 4 US needle so I’m off to The yarn shop to pick up size 4 and see how that works up.

Feeling filled with gratitude for having found all of you:woot:

Frogging is ripping out a large portion of work. “Rip it, rip it” sounds like “ribbit, ribbit”. Thus, frogging.

Thank you Liz!
Perhaps you could also explain Life Lines that has been mentioned several times throughout this thread.
I’d appreciate it!

I’m not sure about Life Lines. Someone else will have to explain that one.

Lifelines are in the Tips section - under Fixing Mistakes.

This pattern was written to use thicker yarn I think. If you go to KNit Picks they have a lace weight candle flame shawl as a free download.

I’ve got the shawl in my que but I was thinking of also making it into an afghan or lapghan. Has anyone done that yet with this pattern?

I think I’ve seen some rectangular shawls in that pattern. You might experiment with the pattern a little, CO for a few pattern repeats and not do the increase sts.

Thanks, suzeeq! That’s what I thought about doing. I was just curious to see if others had tried using the stitch pattern for an afghan. :slight_smile:

Looking for them on ravelry, a couple people made rectangular shawls. One went into a ribbed/YO pattern when it was the width she wanted, knit half, made the other half and grafted together. The other is making it Clapotis style - the point at one corner, then when it’s wide enough, then decreasing at one end and not doing the increases at the other. Although to get a diagonal piece like this, you’d have to increase one side and decrease another. But if you’re going to do a squarish one, you’d increase to the width you want, then start decrease on both sides. This one sounds like something I need to try. I like the pattern, but not sure I want a triangle.

The pattern is working nicely on the lace weight…I switched to a size 4 US. The alpaca & silk is lovely, light yet warm. Thank you for your suggestion though!

Thanks, ladies. I think you ought to try it, too, suzeeq. LOL!!

The stitch pattern is way too pretty to be used only on shawls, IMO.

I thought I posted the link to the Knitpicks Candleflame shawl which is rectangular, could be made square and is the same or similar st pattern. It’s here

Thanks, suzeeq. I remember seeing that pattern somewhere but couldn’t remember where. :rofl:

Using the size 4 needle with the lace weight yarn looks beautiful but I am not sure how to alter the pattern so the shawl’s size comes out the same as if I were to use the larger needles called for in the pattern!


You would just keep adding repeats of the st pattern. It’s even in the pattern –

“Repeat rows 21 through 30 until desired length and width. P one row.”

Then you start the border. It doesn’t matter what size needles and yarn you use, you just keep going until it’s the size you want or you run out of yarn…

Sue, I don’t mean to sound completely inept but I want to be sure I understand…all I have to do is continue to repeat rows 21 through 30 and that will proportionally increase the size of the shawl?
Thank you very much for the information. I was concerned that if I follow the pattern as written without making adjustments for the smaller needle and yarn, that the shawl would turn out the right size for a child…so I haven’t been working on it.