Cancer Ribbon bag

I have never posted pics here before because I figure, everyone has seen everything before. LOL But I am particularly proud of this project and want to show it off. I tweaked the pattern a little bit but the finished product is the same. I am doing this for The American Cancer Societies Relay For Life in Buckeye AZ.
The pattern can be found here


Very nice!!

That is lovely but the link you gave does not work. I’d love to make this for my DD, who has almost everything pink ribbon. She would love this bag!

P.S. The idea behind posting pictures is so people can praise you and then you feel really energized and start knitting something else right away (I think). Just my humble opinion though!

LOL about the energy to start another project…often you can’t tell any time between my BO to CO to another project!

The pattern is on Knitting Pattern Central “cancer ribbon bag” I am sorry the link doens’t work, but it’s easy to find. Have fun!

PS. I lined my bags so it gave them better shape and stregnth.


Thanks, I’ve got it now! Great, I’m going to make this for her. She’ll be thrilled!

Really nice bags!!! And for a wonderful cause…You’re a peach! :hug:

i just finished that too, but you put mine to shame

You did and do great job! And the causes of your work just set us an example!
God bless you for this!:heart:

Gorgeous!! What a great project!

What a beautiful bags! :thumbsup:

They look fantastic!

Very very nice work! And your photo is perfect!