Canaletto Cowl

Hi everyone!!!

I am working on a cowl (Canaletto Cowl to be exact), and am following the chart, however in comparing the chart to the written instructions, I got lost!!!
The written instructions say to work 6 rows in st st (k1 p1, right?), but the chart shows all knits! I downloaded the pattern from (Megan Goodacre). I am knitting this in the round.
Could someone help me?:knitting:

I think st st means to knit straight, that is all knitting in the round, no purls. So the chart and written pattern are consistent.

St st is stockinette stitch, and in the round that’s knit all rounds. If you knit one round and purl one round you’d get garter stitch.

Thank you, Jeremy and Suzeeq!

I will go with the knits all around.
What threw me off is that the written instructions say k1 p1 for st st. and the chart does not.

K1, p1 is referring to the stitches not the rows, and that makes ribbing or seed stitch which is what it says to do for the first few rounds, even on the chart. (Hint- if you CO an odd number of sts and k1 p1 on all rounds, you won’t have 2 knits or 2 purls at the end/beg of the rounds. Then you can add or dec 1 stitch to get the 88 or 198 to work the pattern).

After that you work in the banded eyelet pattern which still continues k1 p1 with YOs and decs and knits. You do that for about 27 rounds, [B]then[/B] you work the stockinette stitch for 6 rounds. After that you do some more seed stitch, then more st st and finish with the eyelet pattern and end with seed stitch. So I’m not sure where you’re at, but that’s basically what’s going on.

From the pattern:

Row 1: *K1, p1; rep from *.
Row 2: *P1, k1; rep from *.
These 2 rows establish seed stitch. Repeat rows 1-2 one time.

No, the k1, p1 and p1, k1 rows are seed stitch. It doesn’t define stockinette that I can see, it assumes the knitter knows to knit all rounds. Easy enough to misread.

Hi Suzeeq,

I am on row 36 on the chart, so I’ll just knit just like chart shows! Right?
Thanks so much for your responses.

I will go finish my cowl now!

Yes, on row 36 is where you just do stockinette stitch. Then on row 42-45 you do 6 sts in seed stitch, then k16 and repeat that around, and do another 6 rounds in stockinette stitch. The written pattern matches the chart, you can refer to both if you get confused with one.